Animal Control

Animal Control
5th Wall Theatre presents
Animal Control
A new play by Chandler Hubbard

February 18, 2018
at Glave Kocen Gallery

1620 W Main St, Richmond, VA 23220

“Life is a series of catastrophes made small by comparison. You take the catastrophe and you make it livable.”

When an incident at the local dog park turns vicious, an inexperienced animal control director finds herself in over her head and must rise to the challenge to protect both parties from each other and themselves. In some sense, it’s a courtroom drama; the characters all play defendant, plaintiff, witness, judge, jury and executioner. In some greater sense, it’s about what it means to be The Other, what it means to be Othered; it’s about denying similarities and obeying differences; it’s about power and insecurity; and, ultimately, it’s about the ever-evolving nature of compassion.

General admission: $12
Season Subscribers: $10