The King of Crimes

The King of Crimes

Join us for “The King of Crimes” January 26th – February 2nd at the Gottwald

5th Wall invites you to attend “The King of Crimes,” a play revealing the scandal and political intrigue surrounding one of the most infamous and divisive court cases in America’s history: the Aaron Burr treason trial of 1807.

“Treason is the “king of crimes,” the only criminal act defined in the U.S. Constitution. In 1807, Thomas Jefferson’s ex-Vice President, Aaron Burr, was arrested in Alabama for treason and returned to Richmond, VA, to be tried in US Circuit Court. Richmonders and citizens from across our fledgling nation flocked to the Capitol building, unable to resist the courtroom cast of famous double crossers, spies, villains, cipher letters, thunderous speeches, and the man who’d shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel. “The King of Crimes” tells us of the great forces that almost tore our young country apart, and the Constitution – and remarkable men – that held it together.”

This play will enjoy a very limited run with only a handful of public performances, so buy your tickets early!

Tickets to the special January 26th premiere performance and afterparty event can be found here.  For tickets to all other shows, please follow the link below.